Jurassic park ford explorer

´93 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park

93 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park
Debut Series Jurassic World
Produced 2018 — present
Number MB1128

Vehicle History [ ]

Produced from 1991 to 1994, the first generation Ford Explorer is a mid size SUV offered in 2 door or 4 door body styles. Replacing the Bronco II and its underpinnings with the Ranger, the Explorer was designed with other competitors in the growing SUV market.

These Explorers were used in the first Jurassic Park movie released in 1993, being 1992 models with the XLT trim. They were used as tour vehicles to guide guests through a tour of the park in Isla Nublar. 2 units, EXP 4 and 5 were present in the movie, becoming stationary when electricity in the park shut down, resulting in EXP 4 being attacked, flipped over by the T-Rex, falling into a tree and off it’s route. EXP 5 was abandoned not too long after.

The Matchbox 1993 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park is based on the Tour Guide Vehicles with the XLT trim from Jurassic Park. It debuted in the 2018 sub series of Jurassic World. The casting has a number of MB1128 and has been in production since.

In 2022 a clean version of EXP 4 could be released.

Version 1 [ ]

The ´93 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2018 Jurassic World: Legacy Collection 1/6 or
5-Pack: Island Explorers
Green Yellow flanks, Red stripes, ‘JURASSIC PARK’, ’05’ Black / Plastic Smoke Tan FMW92 (Single) FXN78 (5P) Thailand Base codes: L05, L25
N/A 2018 Jurassic World 15/18 or
5-Pack: Land Rescue Convoy
Green Yellow flanks, Red stripes, ‘JURASSIC PARK’, ’04’, mud splashes Black / Plastic Smoke Tan FMX26 (Single) FMY27 (5P) Thailand Base codes: L22, L24, L25, L34
N/A 2019 Jurassic World 12/24 Green Yellow flanks, Red stripes, ‘JURASSIC PARK’, ’04’, mud splashes Black / Plastic Smoke Tan FMW92 Thailand Base code(s):
N/A 2019 Jurassic World 23/24 and
5-Pack: Island Explorers
Green Yellow flanks, Red stripes, ‘JURASSIC PARK’, ’05’ Black / Plastic Smoke Tan GDN97 Thailand Base codes: L42, L44, L45

Version 2 (Crushed) [ ]

93 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park (Crushed)
Debut Series Jurassic World
Produced 2019 — Present
Number MB1108

The ´93 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park has come out in the following versions:


Customized Ford Explorer

The Customized Ford Explorer was a Ford Explorer that was custom built by Thorne Mobile Field Systems for Doctor Richard Levine’s expedition to the Lost World.


In preparation for the likelihood of seeing dinosaurs, the vehicle was built to take massive stresses. It was equipped with a monitor that could view video feeds from the Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab and like the rest of the expedition’s vehicles, was electric-powered instead of gas powered, making the engine nearly silent. The vehicle had black photovoltaic panels to recharge the batters and the newest lithium-ion batteries from Nissan which were more light-weight than most batteries and experimental. Out of worry over the possible dangers to the car’s systems and with Jack Thorne unwilling to add backups in such as a small gas-powered generator, Eddie Carr added his own secret modifications to the vehicle in case something went wrong such as circuit breakers that could restore the Explorer to working order after a short-circuit. The Electronic Motorcycle could be mounted on the Explorer and charged from it if need be.

The Lost World novel

After the disappearance of Doctor Richard Levine to Isla Sorna, Ian Malcolm, Eddie Carr and Jack Thorne followed with the equipment Levine had ordered for his expedition, including the Explorer. They were secretly joined by Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis and then later by Sarah Harding.

Throughout most of the expedition’s time on the island, the Explorer was their main mode of transport alongside, occasionally, the Electronic Motorcycle while the Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab was left stationary to act as a base. At one point, a male Tyrannosaurus rex defecated on the hood of the vehicle.

During the Tyrannosaur attack on the trailers, Thorne attempted to use the Explorer to reach the trailers from the High Hide. However, when he drove the vehicle through a deep puddle, it suffered a short circuit from the water, causing an explosion under the hood, the radiator to send out acrid smoke and the vehicle to stop dead just beyond the puddle. With the Explorer essentially dead, Thorne abandoned the vehicle and soon after appropriated Lewis Dodgson’s abandoned Jeep Wrangler.

After the Jeep was destroyed in the Worker Village by Maiasauras, Thorne wondered aloud about how the Explorer would’ve faired under the stresses that destroyed the Jeep. Needing to reach the clearing before the helicopter coming to pick them up arrived, Sarah remembered they had the Explorer as well as the Jeep, but Thorne insisted that the car was dead because of the short-circuit. Though Thorne admitted to not usually adding circuit breakers to his vehicles, he remembered that Eddie Carr did add them in secret and realized that if they could reset the breakers, they could get the Explorer running again.

With time running out, Sarah set out to retrieve the vehicle, only to find it surrounded by Pachycephalosaurus. An attempt to reach it through the trees caused Sarah to fall underneath where Thorne directed her to a set of circuit breakers near the front wheels. Resetting them, Sarah was able to repair the car, but it was found by Dodgson who attempted to steal it to escape. However, he was interrupted by Sarah and then a Tyrannosaurs forcing them into hiding together. When the dinosaur could smell them hiding under the Explorer, Sarah pushed Dodgson out which caused the Tyrannosaurs to take him and leave.

With the Explorer repaired, Sarah raced to the location where the helicopter was landing, but was too late and it left. Sarah began returning to the Worker Village and picked up the others after they escaped a Velociraptor pack. The Explorer was used a final time to reach the island’s boathouse and was then abandoned on Isla Sorna in favor of using the boat to escape.


Ford Explorer:

General Information:

  • First Generation Ford Explorer (1991 — 1994)
    • 1992 was used on film
    • ’93 and ’94 have a different steering wheel than on film.
  • Trim: XLT
    • Note: XL Trim was used for 04 the T-Rex Breakout Scene
  • 2 wheel drive
  • Originally white exterior, painted and decals added for movie
  • Tan «Mocha» Interior (Mocha not available in 1991)
  • Clear Glass

For best results, find a 1992 XLT. In 1993, a plastic trim was added to the lower portion of the body. Removal of that trim will leave several rivet holes. These holes can be filled, but it can be difficult.

Paint vs Vinyl Wrap

Paint Vinyl Wrap
Application Skill: Can be done both at home by spray paint, at home with an air powered paint gun, or by a professional shop. Must be done at a professional shop, or have the material sourced by a professional shop. Install can be difficult.
Life Expectancy: Paint life has many variables like amount of sun exposure, and quality of prep-work. Depending on level of application, it can last a very long time. Most vinyl wraps are rated for only 3 — 5 years. While some may have a 10 year life expectancy, this all depends on use, level of care and exposure to the elements.
Durability: Paint that has a protective clear coat can be very durable. As long as the clear coat is monitored and maintained, no normal damage should occure. Vinyl wrap is very susceptible to scratches, nicks, and other damage associated with general wear. Once damage occures, there is no repair.
Color Match: Color matching with paint at home can be very difficult. For better results have your paint mixed by a professional. For the best results, have paint applied by a professional shop. Because of the complexity of the design, vinyl wraps do very well at matching the color, especially with the lower green/yellow gradient.
Repairability: If it has been damaged it can be repaired as long as you have some of the original paint. However it may be difficult to make the repair blend in depending on location of damage. Once a section of vinyl has been damaged, the only repair option is to replace that section. A very costly repair, and replacing the whole section may not color match due to sun-exposure.
Install Time: Paint is a very time-consuming process, and its final quality depends greatly how much prep-work was done. Vinyl wrap can be installed on the vehicle in as little as one day. While you still have to do a little prep-work.
Overall Quality: Paint depending on the application, can have a better quality over vinyl. Provides a more permanent and finished look. Vinly wraps depending on the application may have seams in certain areas that show between sections of vinyl.

Consensus: If you’re looking for a permanent result, then paint by far is the best choice. If you’d rather have a quick temporary design, a vinyl wrap may be a better solution for you.
While plasti-dip is another option, we do not recommend it for Explorer builds because of the design complexity.


  • Exterior Colors
    • Professional Option
      • Refinishing Solutions
        6250 Edgewater Dr, Ste 700
        Orlando, Florida 32810
        (321) 800-4470
        • Paint Codes (Color matched to screen-used vehicle)
          • Jurassic Red
          • Jurassic Yellow
          • Jurassic Green
        • Note- Colors are proprietary, paint codes will not be shared by this vendor.
    • Economy Option
      • Sherwin Williams
        • Paint Codes
          • Red SW# 42147
          • Green SW# 39686
          • Yellow SW# 50148
    • Paint Quantitys
      • Minimums of:
        • 3/4 Gallon Green
        • 1 Gallon Yellow
        • 3/4 Gallon Red
        • 1 Gallon Clear Coat
        • Note: Some have ordered 1 Gallon of each to be safe.
  • Door Jambs
    • Painted tan (Mocha) to reduce camera glare
      • EZ SPRAY (Paint Brand)
        • AER2K10 MP 2949 TOWN BROWN
        • Color matched to screen used Explorer

Paint Color Comparison of
Refinishing Solutions
vs Sherwin Williams


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